ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner

The ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner has long lasting power so should stay on all day without smudging. It is also water resistant so you can look your best even at the pool or beach.

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2 Reviews of “ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner”

  1. Kyal 31. Aug, 2012 at 1:06 am #
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    It is a little difficult to draw but good shade. The texture is not so smooth so you’s need to fill up with liquid eyeliner to design as you like, however, with its price compared to other products, it’s great

  2. Lauren E. 08. Oct, 2011 at 10:36 am #
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    I’ve tried many ELF products, and many eyeliners.
    This is one of my favorites. The brush that comes with it is OK, you may want a better brush.

    The beauty in this eyeliner is it’s perfect for rainy days or trips to the beach. Water will not touch it. It’s coverage it’s buildable, so you can go quite light. Or layer more on for more pop. It’s offered in several colors. I own black, plum, and midnight, among others. All of which I love.

    The downside is if you rub your eyes, it will smudge, unlike ELFs pen liner.

    All in all, I highly recommend this to eyeliner lovers.

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